Terrible Lizards, Terrific Look!


windsweptblogThis is the latest dress that I made. I love dinosaurs; who doesn’t? The word dinosaur means terrible lizard, but I don’t think they’re half bad! The use of the word “terrible” in this case is intended to mean “fearfully great,” which makes more sense. Also dinosaurs are not lizards; they belong to a different group of reptiles. So even though the name “dinosaur” isn’t very accurate, it still sounds pretty cool.

Naturally I had to pair this dress with my dinosaur shoes! I am working on a new pair of these using burgundy suede heels; hopefully I will have those done soon. I was going to wear a dinosaur necklace, but I really liked the way that this geode looked with the color scheme of the dress.

dinooutfitI bought the fabric from Fabric.com on sale! Unfortunately, the dinosaurs pictured were not identified in the listing so I had to make some educated guesses to identify the dinosaurs.

dinofabricThankfully many dinosaurs have distinct features like horns or spikes, making it fairly easy to identify them. There were some close calls; the euoplocephalus often looks like an ankylosaurus and the deinonychus is frequently mistaken for a velociraptor.  The seven dinosaurs pictured lived during either the Jurassic period (201-145 million years ago) or the Cretaceous period (145-66 million years ago). I could go on and on about the geological time periods they lived in and the extinction events that wiped them out, but I think talking about the dinosaurs themselves is good enough for now!  I picked out my favorite images of the dinosaurs along with some facts to share with you. Keep in mind that the images are drawings, not pictures, since all dinosaurs are no longer alive.

apatosaurusdraftDrawing by Scott Harman

Drawing by Scott Harman

Drawing by Mohamad Haghani

Drawing by Scott Harman

Drawing by Ozja

Drawing by Scott Harman

Drawing by Scott Harman

If you have some free time and want to look at dinosaurs, I highly recommend looking at Scott Hartman’s work. He is a fantastic artist AND a real paleontologist! It is easy to get sucked into his website for hours. All of his work is highly accurate and he does the most amazing skeletal drawings; I am in awe of what he does.

All in all, this is a pretty great group of dinosaurs to have on my dress! I think my new favorite dinosaur is the deinonychus. If you have a favorite dinosaur, I’d love to hear what it is!



4 thoughts on “Terrible Lizards, Terrific Look!

    1. Hehe, thanks! I need to make more in different colors so I can wear them with more outfits! I was considering using a different dinosaur, but I think these “raptors” are the coolest!

  1. Adorable look! I love styles that are polished but still maintain some funk. (Also, your blog redesign is great.)

  2. Your dresses are always so fun and creative! And this post was very informative :). Can’t wait to see your new dinosaur shoes!!

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