Some Science Themed Gifts!

The weather has been really cold lately, but we had a beautiful October so I can’t complain. I am so happy that autumn has been drawn out into November; some leaves are just now changing! Autumn in New England is gorgeous so having an extra couples weeks of amazing foliage has been keeping me from stressing out too much from assignments and exams.

Modcloth is having a 20% sale on select items until tomorrow night! I found some pretty awesome science themed items, including some that I already own, like this circuit board/binary code dress.

compscidressI picked out some of my favorite items; ones that I think are really useful or just really awesome!

modclothcard1. This clock is one of my favorite items in my room. I bought it as soon as I saw it! The Moon moves around the Earth, acting as the hour hand on a clock. You can either hang it on your wall or stand it on a surface (it comes with a stand). With this clock the Moon takes only 24 hours to orbit around Earth. But in real life, the Moon takes about 28 days to complete an orbit. What else is about 28 days long? A month! The word “month” comes from the word “Moon”.

2. I have worn this dress often since I bought it last month. It was a reward to myself for doing well on an exam! There are some numbers written in binary code throughout the pattern on the fabric, on top of the circuit board pattern. I am taking a computational science course and we have to know how to write in binary, so the minute I saw this dress I started translating the code into “normal” (base 10) numbers. For instance 1010 in binary is the number we know as 10! 110 is 6, and 0000 is 0!

3. This is a Moon lamp that you can hang on your wall! Not only does it illuminate itself, but it will actually light up according to the phases of the Moon. The main phases of the Moon (going in order) are New, Waxing Crescent, First Quarter, Waxing Gibbous, Full, Waning Gibbous, Third Quarter, and Waning Crescent. The Moon appears to be half full during the quarter moons! If you want to learn about the Moon and its phases, here is the Bill Nye episode on the Moon. (I really love Bill Nye!)

4. These pants are so pretty. There are so many colors on them but it’s so subtle. The image on the upper part of the pants seems to be of a nebula, while the image on the bottom is of stars possibly a star cluster. I previously made a post about what makes these prints so beautiful!

5. I have a couple globes this size; one of the Moon and another of Mars. I think this one would go well next to them, and perhaps help me organize myself a bit better!

Snag some up for yourself, or get a head start on your holiday shopping!