TyGLAMosaurus Rex

I am back from midterms! Before all the chaos with exams started, I had finally finished making myself a new pair of dinosaur shoes. I really wanted a pair in a color other than black, and I am quite pleased with the result!


I finished these in January, and wanted to work on a pair of glittery dinosaur heels but was on a time crunch with all of my school work. Fortunately, there were many snow days last month and I was able to find the time to make the glittery dinosaur shoes. I am so incredibly excited with how they turned out!


I used a Tyrannosaurus Rex for these shoes, instead of my usual velociraptor (actually deinonychus). I usually don’t like this T. Rex figure because the paint job is really bad, but since I was going to cover it in glitter I could finally use it! The T. Rex is one of my favorite dinosaurs because scientists suspect that it had a toxic bite. Its teeth were curved inward, so whenever a T. Rex ate other dinosaurs, pieces of meat would get stuck in its teeth! Since there was no dinosaur dental floss, the meat would rot and grow loads of bacteria. So even a small injury from a T. Rex’s bite would cause massive infections and probably lead to death. This would happen only if you managed to escape the T. Rex after it bit you, which is not likely if you were wearing these heels. Here are some other fun facts about the T. Rex from my dinosaur dress┬ápost.

trexdraftThese shoes were a custom order, but I have already started to make a pair for myself, so expect to see those soon!