A Dozen Sets of Footprints

45 years ago today the first man walked on the Moon. His name, as most know, was Neil Armstrong. Do you know the name of the second man to walk on the Moon? Buzz Aldrin! How about the third? The fourth? A total of 12 people have walked on the Moon, all during the Apollo missions (no one has gone back since the end of the Apollo program). These astronauts did not get all the way to the Moon on their own. There was the obvious help from ground control, and all the engineers, scientists, mechanics, etc… But many fail to remember the Command Module Pilot! Each Apollo mission had three crew members – once the spacecraft reached the Moon, two of the crew would take the Lunar Module down to the surface. While those astronauts were lollygagging around on the Moon (doing science and whatnot), the Command Module Pilot remained in orbit around the Moon, awaiting their return, insuring that everyone made it home safely. I put together a graphic of every man to walk on the Moon, along with the Command Module Pilot so you can see how many astronauts were involved in the 6 Moon landings.

I wouldn’t let this date pass without making something to commemorate the Apollo program. I have been sewing a lot lately, so I thought it would be fun to make a dress to wear today. I ended up sewing two different Moon themed dresses, but chose to wear this one today because it has the Apollo Command Module on it!

ApolloDressI was so excited when I found this fabric online. I really like the rust colors in it – I was so happy when I actually got it in my hands because I could finally see the detail!

ApolloFabricTarget has these really nice, thin belts in many different colors and I am slightly obsessed with them. I usually chose pastel colors, but when I saw this red I knew it would match this fabric nicely. It isn’t a very bright red, which works well with the dark space in the dress! I also had to wear an astronomy themed necklace, so I chose to wear my telescope  necklace.

ApolloDressAccessoriesSince I have a few more Moon themed outfits, I have decided to post them this week in celebration of the 45th anniversary of the Moon landing! So keep an eye out for more post this week with Moon outfits and Moon facts!