The Blizzard of 2013 : Part II


This weekend we had a lot of snow in Boston, again. Not as much as last weekend, but it still made driving annoying. The worst part was definitely the wind and snow tornados everywhere, as you can see above!

I wanted to go to The Museum of Science with Mich, and we thought since the snow was so bad, maybe it wouldn’t be busy. We were wrong! But since I have a membership there, it wasn’t a big deal to hang out for a bit. Plus, I really love the museum store. I always find fantastic things there.

I got a whole mess of stuff, including this awesome shirt!

They are working on and exhibit called the “Hall of Human Life”, which I am excited about! It opens later this year. However, Mich was very upset about the absence of the Human Development exhibit.

Right now, my favorite exhibit is the Mathematica exhibit. I love to read the bios on all the mathematicians!

I think getting a membership at the Museum of Science was probably one of the best decisions I ever made! It’s just nice to take your time to go through a museum and just go for an hour or two. Also, getting passes to Planetarium shows and Omni movies is great. But there was no way that Mich and I were going to see a show today – there were way too many people.

Once we left the museum, we decided to go to the beach in Winthrop and check out the wind. It was windy, and cold. Very, very windy.