Oh Boy!

It has been a while since I wrote a post, but that is for a good reason! I just got back from a long trip where I was in Chicago, Michigan, Indiana and Florida. I won’t go too into detail on what I did. Instead, I will just post two pictures

m050713_00_7377a m050713_00_7381a
I love how happy she looks; we are looking at each other lovingly! I also swam with a different dolphin, but I think that these pictures will do for now. I will probably talk more about my trip here and there, but this was definitely the highlight.
I started my internship at the Museum of Science in the Planetarium yesterday! I am so excited, and so lucky to be there. I spent most of the morning trying to prove my citizenship because my birth certificate went missing, so it was a somewhat chaotic day. I am there again on Saturday, which should be fantastic since there will be so many people at the museum.
In other news, I have decided that I will start making some dresses for myself. I have acquired some fantastic fabric, and have dug out my sewing machine. I am not savvy with a needle, but my friend Melissa is and she is going to teach me how to make clothes. I hope to have a dress done next week, so hopefully I will post about one soon! I wouldn’t be surprised if it took me a month to make one though, but I am optimistic. I will write soon, and more often – I promise!