It’s Summer Already?

I cannot believe how the past few months have flown by. I feel like it is still March. Everything I wanted done by May isn’t close to being done. I lost a lot of time when I was gone for three weeks, and then sick for three weeks. Turns out I have some lung problems, but I am okay for now! I have been trying to keep up with my shop, The Science Boutique, but I have had to do all my orders as they come in. I just want one week to get my stock up so that I can then move forward with all my new designs! Hopefully by next month I will be ready to start all my new projects.

Yesterday, I saw this video on Buzzfeed. It compares real astronomical images with an artist’s rendition of astronomical objects. Buzzfeed treats it like a quiz; the video wants you to guess which image is real and which isn’t. I don’t like this approach, because what I get from this video is how advanced current graphics software is, and how talented these artists are. Yes, I got all of them right, but only because I have seen every one of those real astronomical images before, because I study astronomy. So, for those of you who watch this, don’t think of it as a game. Just appreciate the beauty of the universe and the talent of the people in it. Look at the image credits on the YouTube page for this video, and look up some of these astronomical images, and look up the artists who created the “renditions”. Read about the Orion Nebula on Wikipedia! Look through Anatolii Vasilev’s portfolio!¬†Otherwise, this video was a waste and really serves no point.

Watch the video on YouTube here!

That is my science related rant for today!

The Bruins are in the playoffs, and today there is a game in Boston. The Museum of Science is right by where the games are played, so I decided to stay in the city after work instead of trying to make it through all that traffic. I went out to dinner with one of my best friends, Laney, and got to see my favorite dog in the world, Gilly! My boyfriend and I adopted Gilly when I was doing research in New Mexico. Laney saw her on the website for the shelter I was volunteering at and immediately knew that Gilly was a great dog. I swear Laney is a dog whisperer. So, we sent Gilly on a plane to Boston the next day, and I wish I would have kept her. She is the best dog ever! I promise you she is not sad in this picture, her mouth just has weird shading. She just wants constant attention and love. I adore her one white paw!

Dress – ModCloth
Shoes – ModCloth
Tights – Target