The Solar System at my fingertips!


I have wanted to paint my nails like the planets in our solar system for a long time! I have seen nails where the whole planet is painted, but what I wanted to do was paint a portion of the surface of each planet. For planets with specific features, I tried to pick cool parts of the surface. Like with Earth, I painted Florida because I am going there next month. And of course I painted the red spot on Jupiter. I am not super pleased with how Saturn turned out, but it is hard to paint rings (Saturn has many rings) when you cannot show the whole ring!

Since I have ten fingers, I needed to decide what two celestial bodies I wanted to put on the other two nails (since there are 8 major planets). I chose the Sun, because it is crazy important! And then I went with asteroids, because I think they are a great break in the planets from an artistic standpoint.

Why didn’t I paint Pluto? Well, I never really feel comfortable painting, drawing or sculpting Pluto, because we do not know what it looks like! We can guess what the surface is like, and guess what color it is, but until New Horizons reaches Pluto in 2015, we will never know what it looks like exactly!

nails IMG_0568

For Mars, it was between the Tharsis Bulge or Curiosity and it’s landing site. Then I saw this, and just felt like I had to paint Curiosity! I am constantly blown away by what Curiosity has done in such a short time – not only scientifically, but socially. More and more people are seeking out scientific knowledge because of how popular Curiosity and MSL have become.

It only took over a dozen nail polish colours to do this! Heh.